pink cuff bracelet
pewter glass cuff bracelet
autumn confetti glass cuff
gold bronze glass cuff bracelet
Bangle bracelets add a pop of
fused glass with an electroplated
sterling silver bangle. $35
Half-cuffs let you enjoy
the best of both worlds;
the glass on top finished
with leather and sterling.
half cuff fused glass bracelet
Memory wrap bracelets incorporate
pebble gemstones with a lampwork
bead and bits and pieces of leftover
items. $23
memory wire wrap bracelets
bracelets incorporate
natural stone beads,
a lampwork bead,
furnace bead and
sterling. Each is
absolutely unique
odds and ends bracelet

Charm bracelets display unique lampwork beads. Start with one bead or add several.
Truly a one-of-a-kind
expression! $39charm bracelet with lamp worked beads
bangle bracelets with fused glass
Solo Design's
Full cuffs allow you to complete your glass jewelry ensemble. These are incredibly strong and
guaranteed through normal wrestling or playing volleyball, though. Just save the glass
so I can recycle the pieces. $30-$50
all glass bangle bracelet
all glass bangle bracelet

Solo Design's will be at this year's Farmer's Market held Saturday mornings from 7-noon and 8-noon during October. Located on the west side of 4th Street.
cell: 515.250.1806

Glass Bangles Eureka!! Finally managed to make this happen.
They are lovely and melodic, imagine wearing a windchime on
your arm. $25-$50
Glass Cabochan on Sterling
Sublime sophisitcation pairs bright and shiny electroplated sterling silver cuff with a fused glass cabohan. $35
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